May 9 17

Sarah Crutwell


Sarah Crutwell is a poet and spoken word artist from the north east. Her work aims to address the things that we shouldn’t talk about and takes on issues such as mental health, sexual violation, ingrained sexism and a woman’s right to choose. She aims for her writing style to be sharp and very accessible and for her performance style to be honest and engaging. She is available for spoken word and poetry performances and also working towards getting her first collection published.  For contact information please email

Picture prompt – black and white image of red lip stick mouth under umbrella.

I expected brown envelope on table, lipstick rims, black lace tangled in Egyptian cotton, Rolex ticking down our time together. Pretty Woman playing at independence until the limo parks. It surprises me, how little they look at me. Moved around bed, like a busy schedule. They don’t need me to be in my body, just need the body. The body they can fold and bend round themselves to feel safe in. For as long as they can afford. He would rather give his money than his attention. I can’t feed myself my caring. Can’t pay bills by giving a shit. So he fills me with cock and I tell him it feels good.

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Sarah Crutwell