May 9 17

Submissions Information


The aim of this blog site is to begin an archive of women’s voices. Some of the poems on the site are written by women who have not written before and who I have found through masterclasses, and others are from known poets. The idea is not only to create a library of women’s poetry but to also assist on the networking of those poets. This blog is ongoing. It will not end.


If you identify as a woman or have been mis-gendered as a woman and you would like to submit to this site, please send:

  • The poetry you wish to be featured (with focus on issues effecting women, non binary and trans communities)
  • A short biography of your work including bibliography
  • Links to website and blogs where you can be found
  • A photograph (non compulsory)
  • The poems you want to be featured (with a focus on issues effecting the women’s, non binary and trans communities)

Please send all to