May 9 17

Online Masterclass


As a part of the Songs My Enemy Taught Me book research process I have been leading a series of poetry masterclass around the UK, with the aim of empowering women to write their own stories.

At one of the masterclasses which took lace at the Wise Words Festival in Canterbury, I was reminded of how difficult it is for women, especially with young children to get be able to attend workshops. When I first launched my career as a writer of theatre each venue and credible arts project had a creche attached to them to enable women to join in, and t help develop a sense of community between mothers. These have almost all disappeared now, an so I want to look at a different way of accessing the masterclasses.

Over the next month I will be adding resources here along with exercise guidelines to help users develop their writing. The results can be emailed to me and I will post them up along with the other poetry from masterclasses.

It is hoped that this will develop still further into Skype workshops and eventually into us all meeting at one of the book launches.

Please keep your eye on this page – and feel free to add your own exercises  too.